Island Chic: Spring Break Edition

I have finally landed from la la land, having poured all the of the Key West sand out of my luggage (and recovered from my first emotional breakdown after attending the UNC-CH Graduation Fair) and I could not be happier to get back on my blogging game. Boy oh boy do I have lots to fill y’all in on.  Let’s start with the best, Key West.

7 Mile Bridge

7 Mile Bridge

The 19 hour car ride was definitely worth it when we arrived to sunny skies and 85 degrees. There’s nothing chic about an extremely long car ride, but three days in paradise left plenty of time for fashion. Here are my must-haves for your next tropical escape.

 Not so itsy-bitsy but just as Fabulous (not to mention affordable) Bikini

Looking to be a bombshell on the beach and not drop a bomb on your bank account? I’m fairly certain that Target has become one of the top go-to places for finding great bathings suits at even better costs.  This is one of the pieces I snatched up and you could say it’s love.

Is that a top or a bathing suit top?! Both!


I received so many complients on this number and know that it will get many more uses! We started our day relaxing at the swanky Waldorf Astoria Hotel’s private beach. Can you say paradise?  But somehow the Hotel Security Staff (aka the Waldorf’s Secret Service) immediately knew we were just visiting friends and not actually staying there, but at least we got a great beach day out of it! So the joke is on you Waldorf.  After a few hours of fruity drinks and sun-bathing, we had a snorkeling sunset cruise to head to, so down Duval Street we went!

Key West truly embraces the island, no worry culture.  So for our trek to the port, I slid on a pair of high waisted destroyed jeans, similar to the pair you can see below, and my trusty jacks.  Just like that, I had an easy  beach-to-street look.


Nautical Never Looked So Good

I couldn’t help but breakout my old school Lilly Pulitzer seashell-print dress for our last night in Key West.  I mean, beach/island…it is almost a given. Some may think dressing to your environment may be cheesy, but why not look the part?


You can recreate my look with this Mud-Pie creation. This strapless navy dress is easy-wear poly jersey that can adjust to any body type.

Aubrey Strapless Dress in Navy by Mud Pie

Aubrey Strapless Dress in Navy by Mud Pie

The Perfect All-Purpose Tote

Since fanny packs are not kosher any longer, and yes that does include your obnoxiously bright sorority-lettered fanny pack, splurge on a Barrington bag. I discovered this bag on the oh-so popular lonestar southern blog and could not be more obsessed. You can choose your own color, pattern, and the best part is….you can monogram it. A southern girls dream right? You can carry everything you’ll need for a full vacation day and look fabulous doing it.

The St. Anne Tote by Barrington

The St. Anne Tote by Barrington

No matter how many bags your bring, or how many fabulous outfits you carefully select, what’s important is enjoying the moments with those by your side.

Until next time!

Peace and Blessings,




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